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China is one of the world’s largest exporter of apparel, which mainly includes clothing and footwear. We have built connections with some of the best suppliers in this area and Kv-ibiz will provide you the lower price possible.

Mobile phone & accessories

Electronics in general and Mobile phone & accessories in particular have always been one of Kv-ibiz main categories of sourcing. In the past year, we have purchased thousands of dollars worth of goods in these categories for our customers.

Beauty & hair, health

Kv-ibiz has helped many beauty salons and clinic owners to source products in this area in China with the best prices.

Pet products

The pet products industry is booming. As pets become an increasingly pampered member of the home, the eCommerce opportunity for selling pet products is gigantic. So, take the opportunity to source pet supplies in China with Kv-ibiz.

Computer & office

We have help helped many wholesalers, and retailers to source computers, computers accessories and office supplies in China with the best prices..

Sports & Outdoor

Kv-ibiz can find you best sports products or even customized to your needs. China has a well-developed manufacturing industry in this category.

Garden & tools

Kv-ibiz will find the best suppliers in China of gardening & tools supplies products for your online store and you’re in-store business. We will provide you professional service in your China business adventure.

Baby, kids & toys

Kv-ibiz help you grow your toy business. We source premium quality toys and export from China with best prices from manufacturers. We help you with the quality inspection, applying for toy certifications or get it from suppliers.

Automobiles & parts

Kv-ibiz is committed to offering easy, time saving and money-saving one-stop purchasing support to buyers of Automobile Parts in China, so we just provide high quality products supplier to our customers.


China’s machinery industry is one of the leading pillars of the country’s economy. Its main business revenue increased about 6.05% in 2018, reaching $3.18 trillion in value. Kv-ibiz is aware of this leading place of the country in this arena and will find the best factories for the machines you need.

Home & kitchen

Our team members regularly take part in trade fairs on Home & kitchen and we have got in touch with quality suppliers. Their products are top choices for foreign buyers for their smart and functional design, practical use, high production quality and competitive prices. Kv-ibiz will make the best choices for you according to your requirements.

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