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What we can do for you

⦁ We offer one-stop sourcing service from China
⦁ Source products you need and send quotation
⦁ Place orders and follow up production schedule

⦁ Check quality when goods are finished
⦁ Send checking report to you for confirmation
⦁ Handle exporting procedures

⦁ Offer importing consultation
⦁ Manage assistant when you are in China
⦁ Other exportation business cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind suppliers do your company contact?

It all depends on the products you require. If your quantity reaches factories MOQ, we will work directly with manufacturers, we can negotiate as well with them to accept your order quantity if it’s not too far form their MOQ, if making a deal is not possible, we will contact trusted wholesalers with good price, quality and notoriety on the market.

Do you accept payment via PayPal? Is there any other way?

About the payment terms, we accept four payment terms: PayPal (when the amount is under $500, and mostly used for sample payment), Wire Transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram (when the amount is over $500).

What kind of shipment do you provide?

We offer both air and sea shipping, we can provide what is suitable for you depending on your requirements.

For air shipping, below are the following items we provide:

For the sea shipping we have below 3 terms:

EXW (Ex Works) Your forwarder needs to pick up cargoes in our warehouse and arrange delivery to your assigned place.

FOB (Free on Board) You need to pay FOB shipping fee, which covers all cost to forward and load cargoes on board.

CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) You pay for CIF shipping fee, which covers all cost to forward the port of your destination.

If the shipping charge is higher than the goods’ value, what can I do?

We suggest you buy more items or find someone and do groupage purchasing to share the costs. If these two suggestions are still not okay, then buying from the domestic market is a choice you might consider. After all, the domestic prices are sometimes better than what you will pay for buying from China.

How do you charge your service fee?

Our sourcing service is completely free until you place your first order. We will try our best to source to many suppliers for our customers to get the best of quotes at the best price possible.

Customers only need to pay us certain service fee in the balance payment. The service fee depends on the total order amount, which is 5%-10% of the total product value. For more details about this, please visit (Link to payment terms)

If I already brought from China, can you help me inspect the production process, quality and export?

Yes! If you brought your goods already from your supplier and you need additional reassurance to check if the production process or quality respect the norms you want, we can provide the service at a negotiable fee.

Does the total order value should be above $1000, regardless of MOQ?

Minimum $1,000 product value for each item, which means customers need to purchase at least $1000 for 1 item, so the order quantity depends on the unit price (Most of our suppliers are factories, and their MOQ is around this amount).

Will you provide me the list of trusted suppliers to choose from and contact them myself? or you will send me the final quote after you negotiate with the suppliers?

We will try our best to source several different suppliers for 1 item, and select the best 1-2 of them, then send the quotation to customers.

Normally we don’t offer our supplier’s information to customers, as our working pattern is that customers working with us, and we work with our suppliers.

But the main reason is that most of our suppliers don’t directly work with foreign customers as they don’t have English-speaking staff. Our 5%-10% service fee is not only charged to source suppliers, but also for, the most important part, negotiating with suppliers efficiently to save time and money for customers.

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