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Shanghai KV International Trade Co., Ltd (Shanghai) is a Wholly Foreign-Owned company founded in Shanghai. The company is operating on the Chinese international market place, building a strong bridge between China and and foreigners; and offering a broad range of services. From experienced businessmen to young entrepreneurs working together, the company is growing faster every day. The company is offering services such as international trade, business service guide in China, consulting and sourcing , business training, guidance on WFOE company setup and work permit, entrepreneurial advice. The company also connect foreign business owners and privates to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of broad variety of products. Some of those products are: electronics, machinery, textiles, washing preliminary products, packaging materials, rubber and plastic products, crafts, bed first products, or shoes and hats, hardware and software, Consumables, communication materials, leather products, stationery, office products, film products and materials, metalworking raw material, pumps and accessories, kitchen equipment, watches, glasses, glass products, steel, hotel first products and design, Sanitary-ware, environmental protection, automobile and motorcycle parts, online retail and so on.

Benefits of choosing KV International business and consulting

  • We give all our customers a personal touch
  • We value all our business partners
  • Quality products and time saving
  • We are flexible, helpful, accountable and resourceful
  • We give Friendly sales advice and guidance
  • We Maintain long term working relationships

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