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After the outbreak of the new coronavirus(COVID-2019) China took timely and effective measures, and the whole country joined hands to fight against the outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO)declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern(PHEIC). Declaring the coronavirus PHEIC would allow WHO to better coordinate the international response and hold nations to account if they over step the organization’s standards. The declaration of a PHEIC is meant to help support less developed countries and to try to prevent the virus from spreading in those places that are less equipped to detect the disease and handle infections. In making the announcement, WHO leaders urged countries not to restrict travel or trade to China.

Are the airports operating across China?

Except for Wuhan airport which was closed on 23rd Jan for commercial flights (only operational for air & relief mission are allowed) all other airports in China Mainland and Hong Kong are still operating. However, passenger traffic has fallen due to the extended lunar New Year holiday and the increasing number of flight cancellations.

Affected by the epidemic, many airline companies have suspended their passenger services to and from China. Few have continued to fly, but some flights have been canceled. Customers are advised to pay attention to the websites of major airlines for details. Our company will also continue to collect flight information for further announcement. 

Our warehouse is also subject to the local government’s regulations on delayed resumption of work. At present, all warehouses are arranged on duty, and we have resumed work since February 10. Please note: contact us by email or via our website contact us page when purchasing directly from our drop shipping store or talk to one of our agents.

Apart from airports, are Chinese sea ports affected?

All loading/unloading operations in Chinese ports are operating. However barge service will be delayed. For vessel schedule changes please refer to carriers website.

Some shipping companies open for space booking from 3rd Feb. We will accept goods and keep loading, However,some delays are expected. But our staff will try their best to get a space from the shipping company so that the goods can be shipped smoothly.

No updated schedule received from carrier for inbound. If any blank sailing, we will inform you once the information is available from carrier.

Maersk has announced to extend the free detention at all Chinese ports from the previous Jan 24-26 further to Jan 27 – Feb 9, thus the free detention is from Jan 24 – Feb 9. We are waiting for the notice from other carriers.

So, is China’s customs department operating normally?

According to the notice of the State Council, the Customs has officially resumed work on February 3, 2020. Now China Customs are still operating however, some delays can be expected.

While China does not currently quarantine exports, according to the world health organization’s latest official Twitter feed, you don’t have to worry.

In view of the epidemic situation and the shortage of medical supplies such as masks, can I send them to China? Is it tax-free?

With the development of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, face masks, as an important protective material, are in urgent need, but they are not duty-free products.

Imported protective articles for enterprises’ own use are not exempted from tax. Only donation can have tax exemption.

What is the HS code for the masks?

According to GAC customs officer’s feedback, the mask should be classified under the HS code of 6307900000, the duty rate is 6% and the VAT rate is 13%. From 30th Jan 2020, the imported masks and other medical articles from PVG, whether these goods used by enterprises themselves or not, shall be provided with the certificate of NMPA(National Medical Products Administration ) or registration certificate for medical device for customs clearance. Personal shipments and hand carry remains not changed.

Any precaution measures needed while receiving and handling packages and goods from China?

The risk of contamination is limited. The coronavirus(2019-nCoV) causes respiratory illness in people and can spread from person-to-person. Spread of 2019-nCoV between people has generally occurred between close contacts. The virus can survive for a few hours or even a few days in the environment. Regarding the previous SARS and MERS-Cov epidemics, noinfection subsequent to a touch with an infected object has been recorded. Sea freight: the time is too long for the virus to survive; Air freight: the conditions in the hold (dry air) are not favorable for virus survival.(WHO’s official twitter account has provided a detailed explanation)

What’s the current situation of KV international business?

The new Corona-virus situation is evolving fast, creating considerable challenges to the China national health system. Currently none of our employees and their close relatives in China has been contaminated nor being suspected of carrying the virus. Health and Safety guidelines as well as preventive checks on their journeys during the Lunar New Year holidays have been carried out. We are sending protective and monitoring equipment to all of our employees and offices. We make sure that workers handling the packages from the production to delivery are all in good health, strict measures are taken for that. So there’s no need to worry about the packages coming from China.

We recommend that you communicate with your regular customer service agent to answer specific questions. You can also contact us at info@kv-ibiz.com 

We will of course continue to keep you updated as situation evolves and we will do our utmost to minimize the impact to your business.

KV-International business will always stay with you together during the rough times, thanks to all fighting in the first line as partners.

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