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Do you want to launch a business in china but don’t know where to start? Are you a foreigner looking for a new challenge in a Chinese industry? Have you ever considered pursuing a career in china? Don’t go further this is the place to be.

China’s economy is one of the fastest growing and second largest economy in the world. With a huge market size of 1.38 billion people, one of the cheapest skilled human resources available and the quality of its infrastructure, China rapidly became one of the best place to establish a brand these past years. Almost every Fortune 500 company have launched businesses in China.

Working in china as a resident living in china or a foreigner and non-resident has its own advantages and disadvantages. As many other countries Chinese culture is diverse and it’s crucial to start off well. Besides, you can find a business opportunity in almost every sector.

Below are the top 25 business opportunities in china today:

  1. Teaching English language: English tutoring is one of the most profitable business opportunity in china. Indeed, a large percentage of people coming into china to do business are English speakers. Moreover, almost every Chinese student want to learn English today because it’s a business language and it’s practical for those who plan to go abroad. This is a good start for those planning to embrace this career.
  2. Import and export trading: China is the largest global exporter and importer of goods today. You can’t go wrong with this business because there are tons of products, goods that are shipped in and out daily. China manufactures almost every type of products you can imagine and due to the affordability of human resources, you can make a profitable brand in no time. We help you build you own brand.
  3. Consulting services in china: In order to succeed in china, Irrespective of the service or product you plan to provide and sell, it’s crucial to work with a consulting service. They help to introduce overseas services and products into china market by building a market entry strategy suitable to your business. Kv International business & consulting offers advisory services to make this venture easy and comfortable to you.
  4. Medical equipment provider: The Chinese medical device industry was valued at US$18.8 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach over US $24 billion through this year. Moreover, the Chinese government pushes to stabilize the quality of care. This makes China an attractive site for sourcing and manufacturing needs in this sector.
  5. Virtual assistant: This is a smart small business in china especially if you’re a foreigner. People coming to do business in china will definitively need your services? Most virtual assistants are in charge of organizing events and appointments, travel arrangements, content marketing, audio and video editor….
  6. Household items manufacturing: China made products are in high demand today. This is due to the affordability and the design of the products which are coloured. If you are interested in manufacturing, this is the way to go.  Household items are one of the cheapest manufacturing brand compared to big industries like medical. And the accessibility and price of these items make them a huge market to look at.
  7. Mobile phones and accessories provider: China is a country that revolutionized cell phones production and cost. Thanks to them the price of mobile phones has gone down and it’s now possible to buy quality products at a cheap price. What you have to do is to find partners who can help you to export phones abroad.
  8. Used cars Exportation: You can easily export spare parts of vehicles whether used or new from china. It’s sometimes easier to export these parts rather than vehicles abroad due to the policies and regulations of each country.This is a good opportunity for people with some technical background.
  9. Representing manufacturers: As a foreigner, it’s easy to become a representative of a manufacturer or brand in your country. This requires a certain level of expertise as well and manufacturers will be likely to trust you if you have some kind of reputation in your country. This business is very profitable if well handled. You get commissions per sale or partnership and the manufacturer enters in a new market.
  10. Open an online store:  With more than 550 millions of smartphones in china, this country has the highest penetration rate up to 65%. By opening an online store there, you will put your products in front of a huge hungry market and will be able to make some remarkable profit.
  11. Shipping services: China is one of the leading country in Export/Import. However, to succeed in this space you need to realize that it requires a huge capital and an intensive expertise as well. Indeed, there are many sectors to master like the laws and regulations of different countries, the exportation process or the management of different equipment.
  12. Drop shipping: Though drop shipping in china is becoming unpopular, it’s still a good decision. Most expert’s advice people who want to start this business to sell only few products coming from china in their stores. Drop shipping is not for beginners. This great article  will give you first brought knowledge of the drop shipping market in china. We do drop shipping. 
  13. Freight forwarding: If you are an expert in international transportation this opportunity is right for you. It is very financially rewarding though expensive.
  14. Marketing services: It all depends on the experience that you already have in marketing. Marketers are invaluable to companies. If you have a solid background in this field with enough positive feedback under your belt, you can start your own marketing agency to leverage on your skills. Chinese people know the importance of marketing and they are still showing that to the world.
  15. Used electronic providers: China has become the electronic hub manufacturing these past years. There is an important potential in this niche. Used electronics represent a market that is not underestimated. Many fortune companies like Alibaba have been selling used electronics in their online platform these past years and many other stores online are doing this and earn real money.
  16.  Front end developer: Let’s look at these numbers: Only for applications in 2016, China got more than 746 millions of active Android users and no less than 276 millions of iOS users. Top apps in China are actively used by more than 50 millions users every month. Though you are going to have a hard time if you don’t understand Chinese, You can source this service to others countries who want to conquer china with their app.
  17. Internet based business: Chinese consumers do trust reviewer’ comments more than advertising. Whatever the internet business you plan to start, always keep that in mind.
  18. Wechat marketing expert: Wechat is china’s most popular messaging app with more than 1 billion users monthly . As an expert you can manage public accounts, design H5 pages or promote brands.
  19. Foreign copywriter: China local industries who plan to expand their brands will need your services. Very few Chinese companies can provide quality copies in English or in another language.  Therefore, as a copywriter your work is to market their services and products through high quality contents abroad.
  20. Travel services: More and more Chinese tourists go overseas. This is a good venture for young investors. You can outsource services like transporting to and from some destinations, arranging suitable hotels or managing tickets and journeys.
  21. Cargo haulage services: If you’re comfortable with food transportation this idea is for you. With a high number of foods coming in and out daily in Chinese cities and an estimated market value of $750 billion this business is not going away anytime soon. Though qualified as a dirty, low-tech business, It  still help people to earn money in daily basis.
  22. Pharmaceutical products provider: This is a real money spinner activity for foreigners. However you need a license to start a production and this is a rigorous process. People cannot just live without these products and when they are not used directly, they are used to produce other products.
  23. Events management and planning: As an event planner your duties are but not limited to: conduct a feasibility of the event, decide on timing and create programs on events or Research ideas on the different activities that will be carry on during the event.
  24. Sell Chinese products on Amazon: This is a common practice today. There are tons of people who sell products on amazon coming from Chinese manufacturers. What you need to do is to define a niche and find good and reliable suppliers from china. This Article is a good  place to start.
  25. Independent Film Distribution: the booming entertainment market in china these past years made almost every imported movie a great success.

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