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There is no doubt that starting and succeeding in a wholesale market requires time and patience. The wholesale auto parts industry is not an exception. In fact, by taking a glimpse on highways and streets, we can attest that there is an increasing number of vehicles in our countries and a huge potential in this space.  However, there are also tons of people who see that opportunity and plan to invest on it.

The auto parts business is a retail business. Which means that when a manufacturer produces products, you, as a retailer, sell them to end users. An auto parts business is that business in which automobile parts are sold to people or customers who do not want to reach manufacturers directly to make a purchase. The most important objective here is to make profits. In order to live a happy wealthy life, you need to understand how this business works and find suitable suppliers.

Auto parts wholesale market is one of the fastest growing wholesale industries in china today. This is what revealed Roland Roger a year ago at a press conference for the Top 100 Chinese and global suppliers held by the China Automotive News in Beijing on Oct 30 .

However, as a beginner, it may prove difficult to find good and reliable suppliers from china. In this post, we are going to list top auto cars suppliers from china every reseller should know.

Before moving on to this topic these are important pointers that you will need to get:


The demand for auto parts suppliers is huge. Car manufacturers are still not open to the idea to sell auto parts themselves to end users. They leave that business side to resellers. On the other hand, car owners want to avoid the struggle of going back to manufacturers to buy those parts. This is a win win opportunity for both sides.

Moreover, there are independent garages, other auto part providers or retail part distributors who need credible wholesale suppliers to service their customers. This is where you come into play.

These are some advantages of starting a wholesale auto parts business:

  • You are your own boss: This is one of the glamorous part of being an entrepreneur. You can decide on how and when things happen. You take major decisions in the company and have the final word.
  • It is easy to start out: You can start this business from the comfort of your home and choose to work with a dropshipping company to pack your parts out of your living space. But this is good solution at the beginning. As time goes by, you should open a store to make your business looks more credible.
  • This industry is large: As we have demonstrated earlier, the wholesale auto part industry is an important one. However it doesn’t means that you should not planning it well before the opening.
  • The risk of failure is not high: We are not saying that without hardwork and perseverance, you are going to succeed.  But chances to fail are low. Though it requires a large budget to start-off, compared to other activities, since you are not the manufacturer, and with the increase of demand you may not go wrong with this business.


China is one of the most attractive country to work with when it comes to auto parts wholesaling. There are tons of opportunities for international businesses there. Human resources and parts are cheap and this is what any visionary auto Parts Company is looking for.

If you plan to order parts from china, these are few things to know first:

  • List the best Chinese auto parts suppliers: This might sound like a clichè but it’s a good starting point. You need to Google, read articles which talk about this niche, watch videos on you tube, in order to get a better idea on this business. You will find companies doing seriously good jobs; but we have listed down some of the best.
  • Make a small order at the beginning: Though the business you want to work with is reliable, you need to investigate and see if the products they sell meet the requirements  you are searching for. If the samples are satisfactory then you can move forward and start ordering more items.
  • Start negociations: After ordering parts online, it’s good to travel directly to china and meet your providers personally. However, the way Chinese people do business is different from what you have seen before. Before closing a deal, they have to know you. A large budget alone, it’s not enough in the Chinese culture.


We finally get here. Below are the best auto cars suppliers to reach today:

  1. Shandong Imex Co., Ltd

This is one of the most reputable brand you may ever find online.  They are known to sell high quality stuff at a low price. There are plenty reviews from happy customers . At Shandong Imex, you will find a wide range of auto parts. All the parts are tested first to ensure quality items to customers. They also deliver excellent customer service.

2. Alibaba: Alibaba is one of the best china-based B2B marketplace. Apart from selling auto parts items, they supply many other products on their platform.  But the price shown on alibaba is always an inflated one so it’s better to meet providers directly. There are more than 300 good products, including: auto drive mechanism spare parts, Automobile Plastic Portion, 52 LED fog wrangler lights etc. Alibaba has been there for 20 years and are still providing outsatnding services.

3. Made in china: there are more of 250000 auto parts products from 23000 manufacturers. Almost any auto parts products can be found there. They connect buyers with well established Chinese suplliers.

Whether you like it or not an auto parts wholesale business requires a lot of investment and researches. You might need to get an assistance from consulting firms. Kv International Business & consulting is one of them and will solve the problem of sourcing good suppliers in china.

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