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You have been thinking about starting your venture recently, but what makes you feel that you’re actually ready?

Below are 10 Signs that you are ready to start your Business.

1.You have a vision. You essentially know where you are heading with your business. You re-imagine the world. You know what to be done and what to be avoided to succeed.

2. You are enthusiastic about your idea. Some people will say you don’t need passion, you just need to solve a problem. But as one entrepreneur told me recently, you need passion to keep going in the toughest times. If things suck and you don’t really care that much about your idea, you’re far more likely to quit.

3. You have found a way to facilitate or to bring something new to people’s life, not just a way of making money. You have found a good market opportunity. Because to succeed, a business must provide something people are willing to pay for.

4. You have a plan and you have given your plan a serious thought, including how you will carry out and fund it.

5. You have faith in your idea. If you have enough self-belief and resilience, you will be able to get past those who tell you it won’t work and carry on.

6. You are fearless. The difference between entrepreneurs and desiring entrepreneurs is facing up to the possibility of failure and still going ahead.

7. You have some money available. Regardless of the business or venture, you will need some capital to get going. Don’t count on external funding when you’re starting up.

8. You’re not in the midst of other big changes in your life. Make sure your head is clear and not following on another life change before proceeding.

9. You have experience in the industry. Ideally you will have been working in your chosen industry long enough to understand it. This helps you better understand your idea and determine whether it works well or not.

10. You understand the risks associated with starting a business. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and involves a lot of hard work and little reward for some time.  If you can still accept these risks, you are ready.

After reading this, If you think it sounds like you, then great ! You’re on your way to becoming an entrepreneur! Good luck!

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