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Here is a saying that many of you may know: ‘the biggest risk in life is taking no risk at all’? What great wisdom and so truthful in describing

the dilemma some face when thinking about doing business in

Africa. Africa’s emerging economy with little competition allows you to grow a business faster and bigger than you may be able to build elsewhere right now. Would it not turn your life around for the better?

And let’s face it: Africa only has this amazing pool of opportunities

because it is volatile and riskier than already established markets. It’s a new emerging market. That’s what makes them attractive.

Doing business in Africa is not for everyone, of course, and it does not have to be. But if you belong to those people who feel the nudge, who are prepared to try a different and less-traveled path to build a great life, this is your call!

Are you ready for Africa? Because we believe Africa is ready for you.


There are probably two common myths around starting a successful business: one is that you need an amazing idea, the other is that you need a big capital to get started. You need neither in Africa the continent needs businesses and entrepreneurs who deliver a range of everyday products and services. Africa is now a fast-emerging market, the world’s last market frontier, which is still far away from  having reached its tipping point. Many who are already very successful on the continent have proven that you do not need any significant capital to make it; some have started just a few years ago with absolutely nothing in hand. Today they run great businesses on the continent and are being featured across international media. But to do business in Africa should not be merely about making big money. It should always equally be about our responsibility to develop the continent in a sensible and sustainable way.


Dream big, but start small. And moreover: work smart. Starting small does not mean that you will need ten years to make it.

Our aim is to choose African business models that will start paying you fast, without you having to invest significantly financially.

After all, the demand for many products and services in Africa is so pressing that it would not make any sense whatsoever to build a business that takes a decade to take off and make you a healthy return.

What you will need to invest, however, once you turn your business idea into a start-up, is your time and commitment.

We are talking about building a business with long-term profitability that requires a lot of personal input. So you need to be absolutely ready for that.

In Africa, it means you need an extra big dose of patience and perseverance.

Here is some good news: You don’t have to be a genius or expert in each field to get started; chances are that many Africans will need or value what you have to offer and you can become one of the best in your industry niche with consistency and commitment– as long as you continue to add value to your customers and offer great service.


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